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5 Healthy Summer Cocktails Made With Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit cocktails are the epitome of summer fun. What could be better than laying out by the pool and sipping on a light and refreshing drink—especially if you can throw some healthy antioxidants and vitamin-rich fruit into the mix? We’ve compiled our five favorite summer cocktails made with different fruits, herbs, and juices!


1. Mango and Blackberry Vodka Cooler by Foolproof Living
This recipe is the perfect alternative for champagne at Sunday brunch.


2. Margarita Using Real Fruit by House of Yumm
Frozen fruit of choice + tequila + simple syrup + blender = are we in Cabo yet?


3. Passion Fruit Mojito by Will Cook For Friends
An interesting and (yummy) take on a classic mojito. The mint and passion fruit flavors mix so well together!


4. Lemon & Rosemary Bourbon Sour by Foxes Love Lemons
A cocktail made for summer evenings. This is a crowdpleaser for those who enjoy bourbon!


5. Mimosa Sangria by Pretty Plain Janes
How could we forget to put sangria on the list? We love this unique twist by adding orange juice with fresh berries.


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