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How to Keep Your Makeup Bacteria-Free

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup products? Since makeup cleansers and sanitation are not usually advertised, it’s understandable that a lot of people don’t realize the importance of maintaining what’s in their makeup bags. Our skin reacts to oil, dirt, and bacteria in different ways and keeping makeup clean and ready for use can help prevent rashes, pink eye, and other bacterial infections.

Clean your makeup brushes
We can’t stress the importance of cleaning your vegan makeup brushes. It’s ideal to clean your brushes after each use to get rid of bacteria and extend its usage. We love naturally derived, American made SHANY Detox Brush Cleaner that comes in travel and full sizes. What’s unique about this cleaner is there’s no paraben and talc, and it contains chamomile and aloe vera for soothing purposes.

Give it a wipe
Touch-ups after eating allows food particles and bacteria to live on the top base of your lipstick. When you apply lipstick the next morning, the same bacteria transfers onto your mouth. Keep packs of napkins handy to wipe off the top of your lipstick before each use and make it a habit to do so. You can also wipe the wands from our Natural Lip Glosses after each use before screwing the top back on.

Check the time
Did you know that mascaras should be replaced 4 times a year? When the wand is pulled out of the tube air and particles land on the wand and into the tube, it creates a place for germs to lurk over time which may cause eye sores or pink eye. Do not use makeup that’s been untouched for over 8 months, has a pungent smell when opened, or burns your eyes upon application.

Clean those curlers
Always use an anti-bacterial wipe after curling lashes. The mascara gunk that produces over time is will transfer bacteria onto your lashes every time the curler is used.


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